Friday, January 13, 2012

Hit the road Jack

Once again one of Jack Grover's rentals is involved in a fire death. Whether he was aware of a fire alarm being dismantled or not, he rented bedrooms furnished with hotplates which was in breach of conditions as the rooms were to be rented for sleeping quarters only with no cooking allowed (SP jan. 13/12.) Given his history I would have hoped that spot inspections would have been done to ensure he was complying with the condition.

This tradegy brings to the forefront the rental problems in this city. I was more than surprised to read that tenants were paying $450 a month for a bedroom with a hot plate and bar fridge. I suspect the maze of bedrooms was not kept in pristine condition. Grover would have pulled in $4,000 a month on these bedrooms alone plus whatever he received for the main floor suites. That should be more than sufficient revenue to properly maintain and operate this building.

How do you put a man like Grover out of the rental business? Sending him to jail simply means he hires someone to manage the properties while taxpayers pay for his keep. I just don't understand the greed that drives men like Grover.

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  1. Can't the fire department close down these rentals if they aren't up to code. There are so many of these properties in Pleasant Hill, Riversdale, King George areas.Why aren't they torn down or at least brought up to code. Also, I would like to know how many vacant lots there are in Saskatoon that haven't been built on in the last 2 or more years. Having a limitation on how long a lot can remain vacant would help with the urban sprawl that is becoming Saskatoon.


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