Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brad giveth, Don taketh

Regardless if this budget is deemed to be loaded with goodies for an election year, it is refreshing to see a government recognize the middle class taxpayer, the spine of the tax purse so to speak.

I was particularly pleased to see the Premier honouring his commitment to have the province pick up a larger share of funding for education and provide some relief to property tax bills, although I am unclear how much relief will be provided. This in itself may make it easier for young families to obtain housing, for seniors to maintain their residence and hopefully have landlords reduce rents accordingly.

My pleasure was short-lived when I read the Mayor's comments in the SP (Mar. 24/11) and he stated that monies may have to borrowed for the work on the Traffic Bridge if the federal and provincial governments don't ante up a one-third share each. New debt means higher taxation.

Perhaps Council should put a hold on a few other capital projects and divert those monies towards the bridge. The city's share of the new art gallery is, at last count, $40 million plus. Considering the old Mendel was only asking for, at the time, less than $20 million for renovation and expansion, maybe council should go back to the drawing board and reconsider this decision.

Anyway, thank you to Premier Wall for the feel-good however short-lived it appears to be.


  1. or put the bridge on the backburner since it it doesn't have a significant impact on our traffic flow....

  2. Or maybe it will when both the Broadway and the University bridges are up for major repairs in 10 years or so. We would look pretty stupid as a city if we didn't plan for this now. It's bad enough that now are in a position where we HAVE to close a bridge down.

  3. Haha, 40 million for the city’s share of the new art gallery! Mistress you are an optimist. This Council has no idea how to calculate cost. We can expect to see the actual dollar figure considerably higher than that.

  4. Anon 9:57,

    I understand that you don't like cars or drivers, but the reality is they exist and as alluded to by Anon 10:15 in the next decade when either the University Bridge or Broadway Bridge (or both) are in dire need of being shut down for months for repair the situation is going to crescendo in chaos for the average commuter.

    It is simply not practical to have the Traffic Bridge cease to exist or become cyclists and pedestrians only. Think about someone other than yourself for a change.


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