Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maple Leaf Forever?

I heard on the news yesterday that federal NDP leader Jack Layton is calling for a national referendum on whether or not to keep the Senate. Save the tax payers some money. The response will be yes.

At the same time, perhaps we should review the whole parliamentary system. Increasingly provinces are creating their own political entities, e.g. Wild Rose Party in Alberta, Sask Party here, the Bloc in Quebec, and the provincial arms of the parent federal bodies are waning. Our provinces and territories are so diverse and as they evolve the national parties are unable to effectively represent all those diverse needs.

What should the role of a federal government be? Republics come with a whole new set of problems. Perhaps a hybrid, made in Canada system should be brought to the front burner.

Your thoughts?


  1. If it gets me a dome stadium I'm put for anything. LOL.

    Your right Mistress today systems don't work I think there should be some thought put into developing a new system built for Canada and our unique situations. Maybe a ten million dollar government task force could be put together. Wait make that 10 billion.

  2. Will never happen as the power to control the entire country still resides in the East, do you really think Ontario will toss away this power for the betterment of the country?

  3. I want a referendum on the existence of the NDP.

  4. Haha what about on the relevance of the NDP?

    Once the migration of new residents to Saskatchewan is complete the final little foothold of that socialistic idiotic NDP party will be killed. Good riddance Dippers.

  5. Thank you to the NDP for ensuring people come to Saskatchewan and for managing the provinces finances!


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