Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Roadways to heaven and hell

A friend of mine, who is a transplant to our city, has always complained that Saskatoon must have the worst roadway engineers in the country. One of her complainants is signage.

Regretfully it took a fatality a Attridge and Central, aside from the other 350 collisions, to catch the city's attention (SP Mar. 8/11.) I have driven that stretch of road and watched vehicles hesitate or recklessly lane change to get to their exit. I suspect its because, like many others, they were unsure of what exist to take to get to the Preston Crossing Mall site. A simple overhead sign saying "Preston Crossing Mall next right" may have avoided many of those accidents.

Some years back the intersection of Clarence and Circle was the most dangerous corner. Everyone complained about the intersection, but it took the deaths of two prominent citizens to spur the city into action and install a controlled light.

The relatively new 42nd Street bridge had to be widened due to poor planning. The list of questionable roadway planning and poor signage could go on and on.

Worse yet is the city stating that the fund to build the necessary (?) interchange is empty. No doubt this lack of funds will be attributed to some other level of governments failure to provide infrastructure funding rather than city management. This takes us back to priorities in spending and over spending. Now when we need money the account is empty.

Couple this with the financial wizards stripping the light and water infrastructure capital fund to off set operating costs and it makes for a scary future. If sewer and/or water lines collapse, the account will be empty.

Steal yourselves for a very high tax increase this year.

And before we add $25 million plus to our debt, try some good signage and see if it makes a difference to the collision rate.


  1. Mistress you might want to research some facts rather than just relying on the StarPhoenix for all your information.

    "Regretfully it took a fatality a Attridge and Central, aside from the other 350 collisions, to catch the city's attention (SP Mar. 8/11." As a member of the local community association in the area we were informed, over a month ago, by our community consultant the meeting was scheduled for this week.

    “Worse yet is the city stating that the fund to build the necessary (?) interchange is empty.” The only person that mentioned this was Dubois. I think a project of this magnitude would have to go before the budget process. Does Dubois think that the city has 25M sitting around to build an interchange whenever she speaks to the media?

    Signs will not help this intersection. The fault lies with the city planners and the councils that approved the new neighbourhood developments without proper traffic flow. Wait! Mistress, you were on one of those councils!

  2. It's an election year budget this November, so I bet we see something under 2.5%....regardless of the needs of the city.

  3. Anon - 8:24 - Actually the option of an interchange was mentioned as a result of a consultant's report, not simply DuBois mouthing off. It is apparently one of three options being considered, thus my question mark after necessary. Although your community may have a information meeting scheduled, the accident certainly pushed this problem to the front of the line. Since the city has a consultant working on the problem and a community meeting is scheduled, it would insinuate that this project is a priorty on the capital budget. The point I make is poor initial roadway planning and poor financial planning as the pocket is empty. Most large organizations build reserves to help kick start necessary constructions.

    The roadway structure was planned in conjunction with the Preston Crossing big box mall. These decisions were made prior to my being on council.

    Anon 8:57 - The November election is provincial. The tax increases I speak of are property tax bills.

  4. Yes, the last budget before the Oct 2012 budget will be in Nov 2011....Historically, those budgets are low. For example 2008 raised taxes by 1.89%, 2009 and 2010 by nearly 4%

  5. Why isn't SGI footing some of the bill on these interchanges or taking legal action against the City planers for bad road design. lets calculate 350 crashes with min. $10,000 a pop given all aspects of an accident (police,insurance,lost time, lives etc) that pegs the cost to SGI at 3.5 mil. maybe they should look at funding some of this to reduce the liability. As to bad planning well some of us in Saskatoon our proud of our heritage and bad civic planning is just one of the many things we are known for across the globe. Stand up and rejoice because it isn't getting better any time soon with this lot in charge.

  6. A small point on the accident the other night. The media has reported the accident as being at the intersection of Attridge and Central.

    I drove through this area, coming from Willowgrove, minutes following the accident.

    The accident that I saw occurred at Attridge and Kenderdine Road.

    The cars were sitting in the west-bound lane, near the McDonalds. The police and emergency crews had blocked off Attridge from the Central-Attridge intersection in order to conduct their investgation, and traffic was diverted around. In order to get to Circle Drive North, we had to go through Sutherland on 108th.

    While a debate on the Attidge-Central intersection is warranted, I do wish the media would get their facts correct.

  7. I'm not sure what accident you seen but it was at Attridge and Central.

  8. re: While a debate on the Attidge-Central intersection is warranted, I do wish the media would get their facts correct.

    The media's fact were correct. I am a city bus driver and came upon the accident at Attridge and Central minutes after it happened. I had to turn right on Attridge and come back through Silver Springs to Central to be able to go west again on Attridge. It was a half ton heading west that had t-boned a car turning north on Central off Attridge. To finish on a sadder note the young lady killed was a fellow drivers wife. Another senseless accident which took the life of an innocent life and the mother of 2 little girls, because of speed and and irregard for anyone else around them. I see it everyday as I drive my bus around the city and it is disgusting. Hopefully someday everone will wake up, slow down and be considerate to other drivers. Life is too short as it is without someone else causing it to end prematurely. RIP BK

  9. http://www.police.saskatoon.sk.ca/index.php?loc=headlines.php&news_id=2011166

  10. Well, that was me that wrote the earlier note re: Kenderdine accident. Thanks for the clarification. I must have read the situation wrong as I drove around looking for a way to get back to Circle Drive.

  11. "It was a half ton heading west that had t-boned a car turning north on Central off Attridge. To finish on a sadder note the young lady killed was a fellow drivers wife. Another senseless accident which took the life of an innocent life and the mother of 2 little girls, because of speed and and irregard for anyone else around them."


    Oh, I see. The driver who turned left in front of oncoming traffic had nothing to do with it.

  12. Do you not think maybe it was the inexperienced 19 year old young gun who might have ran a red light that was at fault. Until the police finish their investigation one can only surmise.

  13. @ 8:40
    Oh, I see. The driver who turned left in front of oncoming traffic had nothing to do with it.

    If that's what happened then unfortunately driver error in judgement may have been the cause? But on the other hand try driving in this city all day long and keep an eye on how many people run red lights. It would blow your mind. It's a wonder more people or pedestrians aren't killed. They see the flashing crosswalk hand and think it means speed up, suddenly the light turns to red and have no time to stop, so of course just drive thru because if they were to stop properly at the light they would have to wait another minute or so. As the previous post stated until the police wrap up the investigation it's easy to speculate. What makes it sadder is the girl killed was returning home from the hospital after saying goodbye to her dying Grandmother only to lose her life and then her Grandmother passed away the next day. All I'm trying to say is People "SLOW DOWN" and enjoy life because you never know what may happen tomorrow.

  14. To the person who wrote this comment :

    "Oh, I see. The driver who turned left in front of oncoming traffic had nothing to do with it."

    I am one of the sisters to the one who passed away as a result of that accident, three out of my 4 sisters were in that car,one of them being the driver.
    After the collision,and the car stopped moving from the impact my sisters called out for our younger one who was in the back seat,hoping she was ok but they received no response , they watched the emt's take her out of the car and do chest compressions and then load her into the ambulance, only to never see her again.
    So maybe think before you shoot your mouth off when you don't know all the details
    and unless you were there at the accident and witnessed it , don't go throwing accusations .
    I know what happened but until the police finish there investigation I won't say anything in regards to the details of the accident .
    The last few days I have been reading different blogs to do with the accident, and so many people want to blame the city etc , it's not the city's fault it's the indviduals who cause these accidents ,they are wrapped up in there selfish , self absorbed world that they need to get somewhere now and fast they have no time to wait for anything and that they are the only ones who matter, even when speed is not a factor it's lack of paying attention because there stereo or cell phone holds more importance than paying attention to the road and other drivers and in those few seconds everyone life can take a devastating turn.
    I would hate to think that everyone who disregards the speed limits,red lights and other traffic laws , has to loose someone close to them in order for it to sink in how dangerous our vehicles can be and how fast they can take a life if not used properly.
    Two families were affected by this , ours and the other driver involved in this accident ( probaly his first accident , being 19), he has to live with the fact that a life was taken as a result. Not to mention his family has to watch him struggle with the consequences , if everyone could just try to put themselves in our shoes for just a moment , either side, who wants to live with either outcome.
    Brenda was a mom to two beautiful little girls,a wonderful devoted wife, thoughtful and loving daughter ,and a best friend to four sisters. Brenda had such a positive impact on all of us , my children adored her they loved hanging out with there Aunty.
    We are a very close family and see other regualarly and I cant' even begin to say how much hurt and loss we feel.
    And all it took was a few seconds to take this wonderful ,beautiful person , inside and out to be taken from our lives.
    I want nothing more than to have my sister back , but since that's not possible .....
    I just don't want her death to be for nothing , if something good could come from it I could find some comfort in that.
    People please slow down , take a little extra time getting to where your going , let that person that's wants in your lane....in then maybe he wouldn't feel the need to speed to get in and run lights in order to get in that lane, just a little patience and courtesy could save someone's life , cause nothing is worse than having a loved one die for senseless reasons , knowing that a few extra seconds it could have been prevented.

    Sorry if I seeme to ramble and babble , this is my first time writing on a blog and I have so much in my head that I want to say and how I feel , normally my family and I are not the type to publicly announce our thoughts or our feelings but my sister meant so much to me and still does , that I don't want to sit back and say nothing , if anything of what I said can change a few peoples driving habits , and save some lives . it's all I ask , just please don't let her death be for nothing.

  15. I just want to add that my opionion of drivers is general and in no way directed at the other driver in the accident . I have noticed these driving errors over many years , it's just that since loosing my sister I want to say something about it.
    I really hope that the city will put cameras up at that intersection , people for the most part seem to respect them , and I am sure the stats show reduced collisions at those intersections with cameras.

  16. Thankyou to Brenda's sister for putting your heart into this blog. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I'm the bus driver who put a number of blogs on here saying the same thing to slow down and appreciate life. I work with Bart and never had the pleasure to meet Brenda but I know the love he had for her and his children. Why do these things happen? We will never know but we do know that it was God's plan for whatever reason. Brenda will forever be in all our hearts.

  17. Great news that the individual who hit the victims car and caused the death of a young woman has been charged in that horrible accident.

    Date: July 15, 2011 10:12 AMRelease Number: 2011477
    Released By: Alyson EdwardsOccurrence Number: 11-18739
    Subject: Update - Charges Laid - Fatal Motor Vehicle Collision (rel#164,166)

    The Saskatoon Police Service Traffic Unit has completed its investigation into a fatal motor vehicle collision that occurred in the city earlier this year. A 20 year old Saskatoon man (19 yrs at the time of the collision), has been charged with criminal negligence causing death, and dangerous driving causing death. The accused will appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court on August 11, 2011 at 2:00 PM.
    On the evening of March 6th, 2011, at approximately 8:45 p.m., a vehicle, operated by a 39 year old female, was traveling eastbound on Attridge Drive initiating a left turn at Central Avenue to travel northbound when it was struck by a vehicle traveling westbound on Attridge Drive. The vehicle traveling westbound on Attridge Drive was operated by a 19 year old male, the lone occupant of this vehicle. Along with the 39 year old female operator, two female passengers were in the car. All three were transported to hospital by M.D. Ambulance. Two of the women were treated and released however the third passenger, a 35 year old female, died as a result of her injuries.

  18. Shame on you! What a horrible thing to say: "Great news that the individual who hit the victims car and caused the death of a young woman has been charged in that horrible accident."
    I can't even begin to imagine how this young man feels, nor can I say I've been in the position of this grieving family. A horrible event occured. That is it. Lives were affected; changed forever. The events to follow will proceed without your haste comments of blame and fault. I repeat: Shame on You!

  19. this accident never should have happened, and it is sad that the young man who has been charged has severe consequenses ahead of him. But because of his actions, two young girls are going to miss out on having their mother to guide them thru there lives. and Brendas family are still trying to understand why. The drivers in saskatoon, are severly irresponsible and have no consideration for others or respect for that matter. Being "great news"might have been the wrong wording from this individual, but that was three sisters in that car that night, who were on there way back from visiting their dying grandmother at the same hospital they ended back up in.
    As for the young driver, he is not only too blame, he has learned his driving habits from others around him,speeding and running lights are illegal, sgi needs to be looking into who they are giving liscences too. Circle drive is a 90 zone, why is everyone going 110??? Driving is a privelage..... not a right!!! everyone has forgotten that

  20. one more thought while i am on a roll tonight, I am pleased to see that the speed limit has been lowered at that intersection, but still its sad nobody obeys it. Red light cameras are what are needed at that intersection, sorry but overpass is not necessary, every city has rush hour traffic, deal with it, even though this accident happened in the evening. I think maybe tickets are way to cheap, i havent had one in over 20yrs so i dont know, but what the heck, dble them up, maybe people will start driving properly then

  21. I still say "Great News" that he was charged for the accident. Do you think we should have given him a medal for driving like a flippin jack ass which ended up taking someones life. Good that he has to live with this the rest of his life, at least he still has one. Had he been driving properly with due care and attention we wouldn't be having this conversation and my friend would be at work and not trying to raise 2 young girls by himself and Brenda would be enjoying life with her faimly. It's time people woke up and realize driving is a priveledge and not a right. The way people drive in this city it's a miracle that someone isn't killed everyday. We'll all end up 6 feet under soon enough and I don't need no idiot drivers help to get there. Have a good day and for my sake and everyone else's, try driving considerately and responsibly and you'll have a much better day.

    1. "Great News" Really? Do you know how fast he was going?? I don't believe it was released so your speculation was uncalled for. I truly feel such sympathy for that family and their loss. being a Mother, sister and wife myself I could never imagine their pain. Your absolutely right that people should slow down a bit but I also agree that people should pay may attention. Not placing any sort of blame but if my understanding is right they both had a yellow light and the other car was turning left. The rules of the road is the person going straight has the right away and has to judge the speed of the oncoming traffic before turning. This young man is a person as well and I could only imagine how he feels knowing that this lady died in a result of the accident. He didn't flee, He wasn't abusing substances. He could have been going to fast which is wrong as well but like I said I see both parties being in the wrong, which would make this an "accident" not a milicious act of any kind. I'm sure that both parties have deep pain over this incident but who are you to place any sort of blame without knowing every hard fact.

  22. he ran the red light, the car ahead of him stopped for it, he didnt have the time

  23. Accidents are caused by a mechanical malfunction....This was no accident but a mental malfunction which cost an innocent girl her life.


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