Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chop Shop?

I'm not talking pork or lamb here. I'm talking cars.

I support the city's proposed increase of impound fees. I think the total cost of the impound should be borne by the 'users' and not taxpayers.

The article in the SP (Mar. 30/11) was silent as to the revenue derived from the sale of scrap and vehicles that were unclaimed from the impound. Maybe the city should considering running its own "chop shop" and sell any usable parts of unclaimed vehicles before shipping them out for scrap.

I expect most of these cars would be junkers, but there may be car enthusiasts in our midst that are looking for parts to repair their older model vehicles that are in relatively good condition save for a part or two. It may be a good opportunity for a public/private partnership.

Anyone licking their chops at this opportunity?


  1. That idea would require the City Admin doing some to stop the bleeding and debt accumulation. So we can probably rule that out.

    My big question is why was a new position created at the junkyard? And secondly, should their mission not be a reduction of costs considering the lot is operating on a severe deficit?

    Then again no one at City Hall is competent so why should the people that they hire be.

  2. Couldn't the city sell these junkers to SGI and get $500 rebate??

    I agree the users should pay however it is the ones that don't claim their cars or pay their fines that are costing the city the money. If they won't pay their fines what makes anyone believe they will pay the increased costs?

  3. Don't these cars go to auction already?

  4. 25% go to auction, 75% scrapped.

    I have no idea whether this is standard, but knowing this City it is unlikely it is efficient or correct procedure.


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