Friday, March 18, 2011

Name that ***hole!

Recently, on an evening out with the ladies, the main topic of conversation seemed to be the horrid condition of Saskatoon roadways. Everyone seemed to be competing for whose street was the worst. There was the usual bitching about suing the city for damage to undercarriages and wheels on their vehicles. Or that you needed an tank to drive safely on certain streets.

It got me thinking that the city names special places, i.e streets, bridges, parks, etc. for those individuals who have contributed to our society in one form or another, exempting of course the biggies where the naming rights are sold.

In that spirit I am today creating a contest to name your biggest and best POThole find after an elected and/or city official. By example, driving east on 42nd street is a massive crater that is causing traffic the swerve out of the lane. This could be Bev's Black Hole. There is another on 8th street that has traffic merging from the inside to the outside lane - Penner's Pit. Get creative and use first and last names. More than one honour can be bestowed on any individual.

Alas I have no substantial prize to offer other than a gold star for the winner and perhaps some fun for the participants.


  1. Pot holes are a serious business Mistress and not something to poke fun at. I came across Glenn's Gutter the other day which once it got hold of my car it wouldn't let go.

    What perplexes me is the city has an archaic system of tracking all the complaints. Wouldn't it be nice if we could go online and see where all these holes are and could take evasive action before hitting them. At least we are the practicing our defensive driving techniques we know most drivers in Saskatoon could use them.

  2. Why just limit the naming to elected or city officials. Let people name them what they want and poke at whoever it is they want to poke at!

  3. I recently had the pleasure of taking a ride through "Charlie Clark's Craters" at the Lorne avenue and 8th street intersection. I drove as slowly as possible through the minefield and could still see people stopped at the light laughing as my car bounced up and down like it was on the moon.

  4. Can we just refer to all of 8th Street as Atch's Patch.

  5. Every pothole in Nutana could be referred to as yet another “Hnatyshyn washed-up wash-out”

  6. To Anon 11:27 - hahahahaha, good one!!!

  7. Anon 11:27 and 11:52 - If Nutana streets are that bad it can only speak to the quality of representation they've had for the past five years by electing a West side commie. Sorry Mistress but Nutana is becoming a decaying area. Why spend money on red square if you don't have to.

  8. How about that giant one on 10th east of Broadway.

    Won't somebody please shut Elaine's Big Trap?

  9. How about..

    Ward 1 = Hill's Hole Haven
    Ward 9 - Paulsen's Positively Pathetic Pots
    Ward 5 - Randy's Dandy Dips
    Ward 7 - Mairen's Monsterous Mudpits
    Ward 4 - Myles of Crappy Roads

    Ah, the list could go on forever...

    As for Anon need to be so rude, this was supposed to be for "fun".

  10. those who don't like this blog can go away. This is hilarious entertainment from toontown.

  11. Ahhh looks like the trolls have come out in full force today. Comrade Clarke must have ordered another drive by smearing of a (former) political opponent.

    I really enjoyed today's blog, nothing wrong with take a few 'pot' shots at our elected leaders. Keep up the good work mistress and remember the trolling communists now make up the minority in this province.


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