Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We have lift off - and hopefully a landing

I was pleased to read in today's SP (Mar. 1/11) that a new taxpayer is being located on River Landing - assuming of course they have not received tax concessions for constructing a LEEDS standard building on Saskatoon's Crown Jewel. This certainly puts a few feathers back in the Mayor's electoral nest. Now, if Atch can only get the Eco-Village off the ground we may get some tax load off our backs for maintaining River Landing. Pipe dreams do come true.

As for Councillor Paulsen's theory on the Ecopass (SP Mar. 1/11), that being reducing the number of employees to qualify for the tax-funded subsidized bus pass in order for small business to qualify, I suspect once again council is missing the mark. Its not about the cost, but the service. As for small business jumping on the bandwagon, most of those small commercial businesses in downtown don't have three full time employees. They are owner operated using part time help. Of course she may intend to include business offices which would have a full-time employee component, such as her law firm. This is a time for her to lead by example and see how many of the lawyers and support staff in her office will buy into the program. Perhaps her pipe dream will come true as well.

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  1. Re: ecopass, you are absolutely correct. Lousy service has driven the customer away from using transit, not the price.


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