Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ottawashed and Overhalled

Anyone read Bronwyn Eyre column today (SP Mar. 23/11)? I can only say Ditto to the whole piece and that I feel less lonely in my thinking regarding civic government. Thank you Ms. Eyre.

On the Ottawashed side, it would appear that we going to the polls again and likely ending up with the same outcome that currently exists. I cringe at the thought of the radio and television ads and the mound of paper hitting my mailbox, the demon dialer that will interrupt my evening and the endless ask for cash from the candidates' worker bees.

Since Ignatieff has been hysteric in his rant for an election I can only assume he has some great plan and/or some real dirt to offer up to the electorate on Harper. Harper put just enough in his budget to bait Layton and he did bite.

So for a month or more we will all hear about ethics, integrity and transparency. And then go back to the new norm (being minority governments) for another year or two. By that time the Liberals can find themselves and new leader (possibly young Trudeau). Layton's hip will heal and he may get less of the sympathy vote, but his lip will keep him in the game.

An just how much do these bi-annual elections cost us taxpayers?

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