Monday, March 28, 2011

I don't care if you don't like me . . .

vote for me anyway. In reading the report in the SP (Mar. 28/11) on the NDP convention this weekend, it would appear that is going to be one of Link's election mantras. I not sure whether his comments - "You may like me or you may not like me" "For me its not a popularity contest" - were for the party faithful or for the general voting public, but the reality is if the voters don't like you they are not voting for you regardless of what you claim you will do.

I think the premise of a royalty review may grow legs during the election period but the likableness of the leader is going to count.

This weekend, while talking to some eighty-something year olds, a traditional stronghold for the NDP, they aren't voting for Layton's team because they don't like Lingenfelter. Try as I may to sort out the difference between Layton and Lingenfelter they are all lumped into the same pot for these ladies. That and the fact that Layton is deemed to have forced a federal election at a cost of $300 million, which in their minds is money that should have gone to seniors. This is one of the pitfalls of running federal/provincial elections back-to-back.

Sadly, our elections are run on likability rather than ability.


  1. Mistress I hope your "Sadly, our elections are run on likability rather than ability" quote is not a subtle comment that you support the Link provincially?

    I thought his only supporters were the socialist bred faithful who bleed orange and would support the devil if he was their party leader (they did after all support Tommy Douglas the first go around).

  2. No, my closing comment was based more on the fact that voters don't necessarily vote on issues or for parties but whether they like the candidate or not or attach a feel-good to a candidate's name. I've often wondered if you ran a rhesus monkey named Bo Jangles whether or not the monkey could win.

  3. Anonymous, its not only the NDP faithful that will support any moron as long as its their party leader. All of you partisans, regardless of party, do the same thing. You swallow whatever b.s. they throw your way and follow like sheep. Very sad indeed!

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