Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glass ceilings

In my mind a roof is a building covering, be it peaked, sloped or flat. For those business with building space below city sidewalks, the sidewalk becomes your roof and it is up to you to maintain it to ensure safety of the public.

Since the "roof" contains prism glass that can be classified as a heritage feature (SP Mar. 22/11), those building owners should apply for a heritage grant under the existing program and proceed with repairs necessary. Othewise the city should barricade that portion of the sidewalk to prevent any potential injury to the using public, do the necessary work and charge the cost of same to the building owner.


  1. What I find interesting in the comments are those coming from the Heritage Society and that they will "look into this issue". They appear to be more a reactionary group than to take real interest in our heritage. If the only way they find out about items are if they make it to city hall I don't have much faith in this organization.

  2. The Heritage Society is a joke! They want to save every piece of crap old building just on some misguided mission to spend other peoples money especially tax payers. The city should stop funding them and the Heritage Committee and put that money to better use.


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