Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Budget austerity? I think not

It is noteworthy that Council's new spending will be delayed until after the next civic election.

The approved in-house cultural consultant (SP Sept. 13/11) will be far more costly than the $65,000.00 salary. The new hire will need space, equipment, support staff and seed money to sponsor cultural events. And it only cost us $150,000 to figure out how to spend this money.

I'm in support of the development of arts and culture in Saskatoon, but what I would like to know first iis what Council intends to take off the table in order to finance this project.

I won't even touch on the newly created death benefit payable to Councillors who die while in office.


  1. So the service review winds up with raises in fees and cuts to programs which come out to a net 'savings' of a bit more than $50,000. Then they spend $65,000 on this position. This is exactly the type of position that would come up for reconsideration in a future sevice review.

    How did we ever build a city in the first place without this oh so VITAL addition to city hall? And for any Sheldon Cooper's out there, yes that was sarcasm

  2. This just shows the current Councils inability to do anything productive regarding the City finances. They either don't care or are just oblivious to the facts.

  3. What? Who's family member needs a job? This council has got to go! Could we have a few volunteers with iq's run for council please!

  4. I thought they already had a death benefit in place.....What year are we in?

  5. Anon 9:31 I love the Big Bang reference.


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