Thursday, September 15, 2011

It is all about the missing LINC

Guest Blogger says;

Ever since the Province took the reigns away from the School Divisions to directly tax the public there has been a lack of interest in how the School Divisions spend their money. I can remember years past where budget deliberations where fraught with wild and zany public meetings, where the media covered every second and even the slightest increase in the budget and therefore our taxes was met with angry and disdain.

Fast forward to today's Star Phoenix "Division budget awaits approval" there appears to be a lack of understanding by the Saskatoon School Board in regards to who is responsible for their locally implemented and negotiated contracts. All Boards were clearly told that those portions of their budget were not part of the Education funding given to all Boards. Only 10 Boards receive this type of funding, this alone should raise the ire of all the other Divisions. Many in favour of these types of agreements profess they are imperative in making sure we get the best teachers available. I say poppycock! I have a close family member that is just starting out as a teacher in this city. She comes from rural Saskatchewan and was overjoyed to just get a job in the city and couldn't care less about the LINC agreement. Jobs in our city and many of the other 10 Divisions that have these LINC agreements are sought after positions. For this Division and others to expect all of Saskatchewan to pick up their incentive program costs is laughable. If the Division wants to delay their funding until November, when the Cabinet reviews this type of funding, that is their prerogative. School Board Chair Ray Morrison needs to get his Board to follow the rules and if they can't find the estimated $500,000 in their budget I am sure others can. Election 2012 will be a good time to start.


  1. "For this Division and others to expect all of Saskatchewan to pick up their incentive program costs is laughable."

    Yeah. Things like preparation time for teachers IS laughable. Hardy. Har. Har.

  2. Anon 10:09
    Guest Blogger here;
    I think you missed the point. Why if most government unions negotiate for all their members across the province do the teachers in these few Divisions think they should have the rest of the Province pay more their special benefits. The fact the Government is telling school divisions they can't put it into their regular budget should be enough to see these "add ons" are on their way out.

  3. The LINC agreements are there because there are real and distinct differences between the different divisions. Those are best understood by the local leadership.

    Perhaps the solution is to provide a set amount in the local LINC agreements, determined centrally, and ensure that it is not exceeded.

  4. "real and distinct differences" so things like prep time are needed in Saskatoon's high schools but not in Rosetown or Rostern? Educational leave is required in Regina but not Abernathy? Lets call a spade a spade when the Union got the Province to agree to allow LINC it wasn't because their are "unique" things that need to be dealt with. All of the money the Boards spend are decided at the local level or there would be no need to have any of them.


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