Friday, September 9, 2011

History and histronics in the making

Wow! Brad Wall would have to be caught doing vile things to a dead sheep on consecrated ground in order to lose the upcoming election.

There are a couple of things that amaze me: 1) that the NDP elected Lingenfelter as their leader and 2) that 78.7% of the public polled believe Wall would make the best premier, yet only 63.4% will vote for him. Does that mean 15.3 of those polled would support Lingenfelter for premier even if they think he's not the best man for the job?

Things that I wonder about: 1) how many Saskatoon constituencies will elect NDP MLAs and 2) what labour will do to try and turn this around. If I were a sheep I would go into hiding.

Wall's biggest problems will be getting out voters who will view this election as a fait accompli as a result of the poll, and thereafter controlling an overwhelming and inexperienced back bench.

Well, it ain't over until the fat lady sings.


  1. "1) that the NDP elected Lingenfelter as their leader and 2) that 78.7% of the public polled believe Wall would make the best premier, yet only 63.4% will vote for him."

    You do realise that in the Westminster parliamentary tradition (Saskatchewan's system of governance that you comment upon with such seeming fervor and expertise), voters cast ballots for local representatives.

    The only citizens of Saskatchewan who vote for Brad Wall are those who live in the constituency of Swift Current.

  2. Funny, I must have mistaken Judy Junor's crying for singing yesterday. This election is all but OVER for the NDP.

  3. Anon 8:49,

    Funny, I cam remember the entire NDP campaign team turning the past election into a debate between Layton and Harper.

    So when the NDP feel they have the better leader it is about the leader, when they have the lesser leader we get the blah blah Westminster Parliamentary tradition BS.

    It's going to be a long sad October for the Dippers

  4. The poll related to support for a party and leaders of parties, not individual constituencies. Many political party supporters would vote for a monkey if it ran under their preferred banner.

  5. a bucket of salt should be taken while reading any poll results.

    That being said, it's quite obvious that the NDP will loss some seats this election.

    In Saskatoon specifically - Meewasin (Quennel), Eastview (Junor) are the most likely to be defeated. Not sure where else the SK Party could realistically pick up...

  6. Yes the NDP will lose Eastview. Tochor is well spoken, personable and young and good looking. The seniors will eat him up. Junor will go packing (none to soon).

    In Meewasin the SK Party has an extremely week candidate with the personality of a wooden spoon. I predict lots of Karwacki voters stay home and the majority that does come out will pick Quenell. It will be very tight.

  7. regardless - as the last two federal elections have shown - Liberal votes in Meewasin will break towards conservatives and not the NDP.

    If anyone can pull it out it would be Quennel, but it would take a miracle.

  8. Re the Mistress' monkey comment, I voted for one those monkeys this past spring. I had to hold my nose voting for Trost, supported party and PM over candidate. It happens.

  9. I cannot sell myself out to vote for someone against my values and worldview. Saved my petro gas!

  10. Last CKOM poll had Wall around 40% yet Sask party hacks kept quiet.

  11. Anon 3:33,

    Are you really trying to argue that the Sask Party is enjoying overwhelming support right now?

    Dig your head out of the sand son.


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