Monday, September 26, 2011

Our debt worries are over thanks to prostitution.

Guest blogger here;

Finally the city is going to start to make a little cash off a business that has been running wild since the beginning of time. The fact Council is even looking at some kind of fee for service on escort services by way of licensing these outfits is one positive. Now I wonder which will be more valuable an escort service or a taxi drivers permit? Once we get some legalization we can start taxing this industry to the same extent as every other business and we will be in the black in no time.


  1. Jeez, could you at least spellcheck the headline?

  2. So once again anon 12:26 you are obviously not interested in making any constructive comments regarding the subject topic.

    I happen to agree with the guest blogger no matter how they spell. Today's society needs to change their attitude around prostitution and get out of the dark ages. We have gay marriage in this country so why on legalize and regulate the sex industry.

  3. thank you for this great comment, Elaine

    and thanks for not using the spell check



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