Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sutherland small town feel- big time dollars

Guest Blogger here;

Sutherland, now remind me where is that again.. Only kidding, I remember the days that I would visit this unique portion of Saskatoon. I always liked the types of businesses that were part of the main thoroughfare. Small mom and pop shops that truly were just like walking into small town Saskatchewan. Today's central street has none of that. Most of those business have made way for the likes of large bars and things such as car dealerships. Even the road system into the area means one doesn't need to travel down central to get into the neighbourhood.

I applaud the local business group for wanting to bring back that type of atmosphere, however it will take more that just some signs to get there. Just as Broadway, 2nd Ave and now 3rd Ave have had major upgrades, it is about time the town that got swallowed up by the neighbour next door receive some needed financial support. Keeping Sutherland vibrant and a unique part of our heritage is money well spent.


  1. The guest blogger must live in Sutherland. If I have to pay for sound retention walls in my neighbourhood then Sutherland should pay for their own repairs.

    Atch and the powers that be want to individualize the city (sound barriers, each street pay their own repairs, etc...). They can't have it both ways, the city wants to move in such a direction. Funny how everyone thinks each are should pick up their own tab until it is their own.

  2. CP Rail should kick in some dough!!!That is a fact! and I am not a Sutherland resident. I agree, I used to love Sutherland in the old days....

  3. Good dentist - Dr. Antosh in Sutherland on central ave!

  4. To Anon 5:47

    FYI I am not from Sutherland. I also don't fall into the ideology that everyone in a city pays for their own services. Not that I couldn't be swayed but part of the taxation system we have is to make those that can afford it pay more. The problem is the system is antiquated and no longer fits today's dynamics. You have people that are property rich but cash poor. And you have people that spend little on their house/property but have vacation homes around the world. But this is a whole different subject. I just think Sutherland is unique and they should stay that way. Heck it was the only place a guy could get off-sale on the East side of Saskatoon for years. Those are the types memories we have to hold onto.


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