Friday, September 2, 2011

Yup, money can by you happiness

I never could figure out whether the controversy around Lonechild was simply about a .08 charge or whether the collective just didn't like changes he was proposing.

I don't fault Lonechild for cashing out - there was no way for him to work productively in such a hostile environment. But I do wonder how much good could have been done for people on reserves with $600,000.

Another chapter closes.


  1. The FSIN has lost what credibility they did have after this fiasco.

    They clearly demonstrated they prefer to operate a corrupt and self-serving governance as opposed to legitimately helping their people.

    The members of the First Nations should also hang their heads for being complacent throughout this ordeal.

    Absolutely astounding how this unfolded. And yet the FN wonder why so many people look at the FSIN as the joke that it is.

  2. The most confusing part of the whole saga is the FSIN wanted Lonechild removed fro breaking the law (DUI). Yet they were prepared to break the law themselves in order to remove him?

    Something doesn't add up. This smells like some Chiefs were upset that the lining on their pockets got a little thinner.

  3. Complacent equals complicit! Common denomianater Morley Watson. FNUC,FSIN.Devils advocate here,is Lonechild any better? He could have rode out this corrupt dysfunctional kangaroo court and taken the high road.

  4. Wow look at who is in charge now? This smells very fishy.. They are all about themselves and not their own people. First nations people need to rise up and stop this abuse. If you want sovereignty, then you are on your own including money....

  5. What a joke the FSIN continues to be.

    Everybody should be ashamed. Lonechild had enough conviction to fight it in court and win, yet accepts a pay-off to leave. I wonder what his motives were.

    As for the rest of the assembly, they clearly want to see a return of the old days when their expense accounts weren't scrutinized, they could write off huge purchases for themselves and their friends, and there was no accountability.

    This is several steps backwards for the FSIN today, why can't the First Nations just get their house in order for a change.

  6. Wall gave a great interview on the matter!

  7. I don't believe the entire $600,000 was for Lonechild, but also includes buyouts for his staff.

    It's a sad day for the FSIN. They just got rid of a great leader. Shameful.

  8. Yup the corrupt in the assembly used smear tactics to throw Lonechild under the bus.

    Lonechild tried to reform FSIN and his reward is being stabbed in the backs by those he cut off from the gravy train.

  9. Lonechild took the bribe. His hands are no longer clean and any respect I had for him as a leader is lost. He is no better than the rest of them. He can't defend his actions this time especially when he won in a court of law. Then lines his own pockets with hush money. As an elected politician he should he in jail.

  10. I'd take the money too.... FSIN is ungovernable and always has been. Taxpayers need to see some accountability..... especially to all FIrst Nations people who elected them. Rise up!

  11. Hey dont think for once that he and his family were not threatened in some manner....mmmmmmm! food for thought! lived here too long and seen too much!


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