Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rah, rah, rah, sis boom bah

I was both amused and annoyed reading Gerry Klein's column today (SP Sept. 8/11.) He states that Saskatoon would need between $18 and $80 million dollars, at current rates, to have the same level of roadway service as do the cities of Regina and Edmonton, both of which are reasonably comparable in size and taxes levied. The question that should be asked is why have those cities been able to maintain their infrastructure with existing mill rate revenues and we have not.

Rather, he suggests the problem may be with the residents and their driving habits. He suggests that if we used 21st Century technology as do the mega cities of New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Singapore and Boston, and downloaded apps to track buses, available parking, alternate routes, etc. we would save wear and tear on the roads. Great idea - if everyone wants or can afford to own a Blackberry or similar device.

He believes that this is a paved road to a better, greener and smarter city. He may be right when our city population reaches into the multi-millions

Let the dreamers and pragmatists debate begin.


  1. Why have Edmonton and Regina been able to maintain and Saskatoon not?

    Probably because our rolly polly mayor has been dumping dump-trucks full of tax dollars into the big hole at River Landing.

  2. This current council is a joke. Atchison said he wants to target Calgary's tax moving forward.

    What does a competent mayor think of that plan? That it is foolish and a cart before the horse kind of thinking.

    How is this clown still in office?

  3. Well tooners, I blame all of us....Look at the folks who ran in the last election.....could we have a few folks with some business experience step up to be elected plz? sure would help to have someone good to elect....Rise up Tooners!

  4. I think Gerry Klein is out of touch with reality.He needs a tour of Saskatoon. Dont blame me for the roads! I dont drive, or have a blacberry, or internet. Nor can I afford it as a student. An example of the road issues: are partyly due to large trucks, semi's, etc. and hauling all the contaminated pcb dirt from the old A.L Cole Site! Who which company or government left this mess for us to pay for and clean up? Very expensive for us city taxpayers. Hmmmm!


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