Friday, September 23, 2011

Just as our summer ends full year schooling rears its ugly head

Guest Blogger here;

In today's SP there was an article on the fact that more Vancouver School districts are looking at providing a balanced year for some of their students. Does anyone think this debate could be had in this province let alone in Saskatoon? Given the lovely fall we have had this year and the extended summer temperatures is it time that we look at other reasons for staying with the system we have today. I'm not convinced that it would be to the benefit of the students. However if there are waiting lists in B.C. for this choice why not start a pilot here. Today's education system has many programs for our diverse population why not this one. I doubt our elected officials would touch this one with a ten foot poll or course unless the administration came up with the idea.

Enjoy the temperatures thanks everyone for the CO2 gases. If this is what Saskatchewan gets for "global warming" I'm in.


  1. 200 daysish! Parents can home school if they want or have their child on a field trip in mexico for extended holidays throughout the year. geesh! (parent and im not a teacher)

  2. 2 months off school is a silly anachronism from the past. Our kids need more education, not less. There are a lot of parents (myself included) that would jump all over this if it were offered.

    Outside North America, this is pretty much the norm. And there are ~2M kids in the US in full year systems, about a 4 fold increase in the last decade or so, and growing.

    "summer learning loss" is a well documented phenomenon. As is spikes in youth crime during summer vacation (or any other school break).

    I doubt most people could even explain why there is a 2 month summer break. It wasn't always that way.


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