Friday, September 16, 2011

Teaching an old Dog new Tricks

Guest Blogger here;

I hope everyone will oblige me with going off on a tangent today and I know this blog is for all things Political however I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to talk some football.

In today's Star "Towriss made the right call" the article highlights the career of most likely the best university coach this city will ever see. Now don't get me wrong I don't have a bro-crush on the guy. But even though I, as a fan, don't always agree with BT's decision making on the field the one thing I do know is I am glad he decided to stay in Saskatoon. His teams aren't flashy and at times very predictable however, they definitely get the job done. BT's commitment to a philosophy of respect and that school comes first in university sports has taken a so-so program to one of envy across the country. It isn't just the game day experience, although made one of the best because of its supporters (thanks Dave and Ron), brings the accolades. It is the fact many bright and young athletes are choosing to come to Saskatoon to not only play for BT but to get a great education. Over the years I have seen BT turn away or even drop players that others would love to have on the football field for their athletic prowess, but don't commit to the educational aspects of playing CIS sports. To now see BT moving into the number one spot for wins is something that all of Saskatoon should stand up and applaud. Win or lose this weekend one thing is for sure BT will make sure his team is back at the text books and ready for their classes on Monday. Congrats.

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