Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too Many Chiefs in the Kitchen Spoil the Dinner

Guest Blogger here,

Is it just me or are the recent incidents of the SFIN and SIGA (SIGA Spending Angers Chiefs, SP sept.14/11) got everyone wondering how these people can be trusted with operating a multimillion dollar entity. The government should move immediately to suspend all rights of the SFIN to operate the casinos and stop any further negotiations to expand Indian gaming in this Province. The main and sole rationale for allowing First Nations to have a monopoly on gaming, was to provide a source of revenue and economic growth for First Nations people. Little did the public know that "the people" meant only the Chiefs of the SFIN. It is now time for the "open for business" Sask Party to allow others to enter the casino market.

The only bright light in all of this is Kirk "on-the-right-track" Goodtrack. His commitment to removing all elected officials from the SIGA board would be a good step. However he will be running into major blockades from those interested in keeping their slush funds. As the old saying goes To Many Cooks Spoil the Dinner.


  1. Nice try Guest Blogger your not the Mistress but you do bring up an interesting point regarding the operations of SIGA. I think it is important that all our society share in the wealth and that is obviously not happening with SIGA in charge.

    What I don't understand is how a society like the First Nations people can stand by while all of this is happening. I have not heard much from the individual person. Although when you have a leader like Lonechild talk about making changes then turns around and takes a pay-off to step down it shows there aren't many honest "first nations" around.

  2. Sadly, you assume the story is reflective of the truth. It is only from the perspective of the ousted board chair & some disgruntled chiefs. SIGA has won national awards of excellence in board Governance over the past 3 years. And the CEO,Zane Hansen, is without question one of the most highly ethical people you could encounter in the business world. And when you compare the board renumeration to that of other corporations you would find that the expenditures are low in comparison. One needs to hear both sides before they pass judgement.

  3. "Sadly, you assume the story is reflective of the truth."

    But that's the modus operandi of Civic Mistress's blog:
    1) Read single SP article
    2) Spout out unsubstantiated opinions
    3) Repeat each weekday

    Above steps to be followed by blogger and civic minions.

  4. SIGA is a non-profit. I know many boardmembers of various non-profit corporations in the city and not one of them receives any renumeration. You can't compare SIGA to being on the board of Apple Corp.

    It's also far from one SP article. It's hard to believe that an unbiased observer can look through all of the events at SIGA, going back to Dutch Lerat, and still manage to describe the organization as well run.

  5. All I can say is "if is look like a pig and smells like a pig I am fairly sure its a pig". SIGA's problems are everyone's problem they operate only with the backing of the Provincial Government and that means each and every one of us has a dog in this hunt.

  6. I wonder if this was a non FN organization, there would be as many negative comments on here. SIGA may have the authority to run these casinos via Government approval but its also very true that they put millions in Government coffers as a result of running the organiztion in a very fiscally responsible manner. Dont confuse FSIN politics with the operations of SIGA. Like our crown corps. SIGA operates in a politically charged environment & as in the crown corps it has to fight against Governmental political interference.

  7. Hey anonymous 9.47 - Start your own blog if you dont like this one. This is a discussion blog and opinions are welcome. Government needs to suspend all funds until there is accountability to taxypayers and First Nations people they are supposed to represent.

  8. Dutch Le Rat is back!!! Hahaha!


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