Friday, February 19, 2010

Fire them up or fire them!

Hmm. In today's SP Mike Stefiuk, CUPE 859 union representative, states the city mishandled the snow cleanup and that they don't have a problem contracting out as long as city staff are first properly managed and resourced. Last week the Mayor stated some of the problems in the snow clearing debacle was due to lack of experience in the department. Earlier this month Mike Gutek, infrastructure services manager, said he was letting his fingers do the walking for him as he scanned the yellow pages looking for private contractors to help out after the storm. This comment alone speaks volumes to foreword planning by the department.

From these comments it seems the problem is city management.

It is time for council to hold the city manager's feet to the fire. But first the public has to build a pyre and fire up city council.

Kudos to the union for their willingness to discuss the contracting out.

And thanks to my favorite Geek Squad guy for getting me back online.


  1. Are you kidding me??? The union is a total joke - the only reason they are making those comments is a lame-ass attempt to stop the city from contracting out. The union has no credibility whatsoever.

  2. I don't believe the union is willing to just let the city outsource any work. Isn't that really against all the rhetoric they consistently spew. I do remember the Mayor said they even had inexperienced "grader" operators as well. As for the inexperience in the management I hope these guys are making zip over the base salary. The mistakes they made wouldn't have even been done by the average citizen. It's October and we are coming up to winter should that not have been the time to plan for major snow falls.

    We are still dealing with a snow fall of three weeks ago and it is the lack of following through with the bylaws/tickets issued and parking enforcement that shows how inept this department and the city as a whole is.

    As for me I pitched that nice pile of snow they left for me before it could freeze into these lovely mounds we all now have to park against, giving the average street even less room for traffic.


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