Thursday, February 18, 2010

The government has taken over this blog...

Apparently, civic forces have moved to bring an end to public criticism by shutting down this blog. I'm being held hostage in my kitchen and my internet access has been shut down.

Okay, it's really just a technical glitch that I hope to have figured out later today. Until then, I'll leave it to commenters to fight the man...


  1. Fight the man??? Hmmm interesting....well us commentators shall pick up the slack today.

    Thoughts on the FNUC situation? Was the government right to pull funding? How is the best way to proceed forward?

    Personally, I support the government suspending the funding of the FNUC as it stands (though I would like to see funding restored, and even perhaps retroactive funding from when they can establish they have their house in order).

  2. Maybe someone else has already had this thought or maybe the mistress will pick up the torch.
    Lots of talk in gov't these days about "cost management" interesting that once again no one seems to want to touch the number of rural municipalities in this province. Seems that previous governments had the courage to at least deal with Health and Education (not sure they got it right but at least they did something).
    If you are interested have a look on the governmebt web site and then chec the population of some of these muicipalities.
    Seems to me that this is a bit like the tail wagging the dog.


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