Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reality Checks

So people of the Catholic faith are going to vote March 1 to determine whether or not to start a new school division in Martensville (SP Feb. 16/10). I suspect the vote will be yes. Then will come the demand for a new school with all amenities. And a new school board without power to tax.

What confuses me is that I thought this small city fell under the umbrella of the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division. Currently Catholic students are being bussed into Saskatoon. I'm not sure how you create your own division within a division. Quirky.

What I do know is that it is folly to ask government for more money at a time when they are struggling to finance that which exists. It will kick start the debate again over having two school systems by those who wish to trounce on the constitutional rights of Catholics in this province.

Or then again, maybe not.

Anyway you cut it the general public in Martensville should thank Premier Wall for his wisdom in taking away the power to tax from school boards.


  1. Exactly what the province needs right now, a separate division and to build another school in Martensville for the Catholic division. Sheesh does the Catholic division have any concept of fiscal responsibility

  2. I read this yesterday but hadn't read the article you were commenting on. Now that I have I see to folly with the system as it sits right now.

    With the recent amalgamation of the school divisions, there was an implied amalgamation of all Separate Divisions as well. This scenario in Martensville is like the East side of Saskatoon wanting their own public school division and no longer be part of the division as it sits right now. Even the fact they indicate that if they do get their own division they will be asking the Saskatoon Greater Catholic Division to provide services for them.

    This sounds more like a tax dodge then anything else. Should they not require the percentage of support from Catholics across the entire Prairie Spirit Division not just Warmen and Martensville?

    I think the fact the Government is even allowing this type of discussion shows they have no control over the situation.

    I could never understand how the Catholic Division considered "Separate" in Saskatoon do to the Minority faith policy could amalgamate with the Catholic "Public" Division Majority faith in Humboldt.

    Not only that they get to pick and chose cities they want in their division.

    Way more questions need to be answered before any movement happens on this issue.


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