Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it just me?

Every night I listen to a TV ad that vocally, visually and subliminally, tells me that Brad Wall is a loser and Dwain Lingenfelter is a liar. Recently the labour groups have come up with a TV ad that fear-mongers privatization of services by the provincial government.

It was bad enough in elections gone by that we were inflicted with propaganda for a six month period prior to election day, but starting 21 months in advance is too much. The message being sent is that neither of these leaders is worthy of a vote.

I sincerely hope that the person who invented fast forwarding is a billionaire.


  1. Ya the fast forward button is truly a God send.

    I did see a commercial the other day expounding the virtues of a publicly run inspection service and attributing it to the only way safety can be maintained on construction sites. This is the same mentality used in the argument against privately run liquor vendors. The high and mighty attitude of these unions is sickening. The notion that only a Government organization is interested in doing the job right and private business will do anything to make a buck and have no integrity has no place in a free society and shows a total lack of respect for the individual doing the job.

  2. Too bad Wall who was once known as the guy who believed in hop over fear is now known thanks to his own ads as a loser. I guess airing ads saying you're a loser are what losers do.


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