Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not guilty!

On Friday, under Triple A Beef, an anonymous commenter suggested that my comments on Standard and Poors and the Lehman Bros were plagiarized from Dave Hutton's column in the SP. I often read Mr. Hutton's column. I respect the work he does. I often agree with his assessment and reporting on items. But I did not plagiarlize him. I'm not sure that anyone commenting on a year and half old news item can be guilty of that charge.

Every time I hear a councillor talk about the city's great credit rating I chant "Standard & Poors/Lehman Bros." If you care to look back to an October 26/09 posting under the heading "Holy Bejezus" I made similar comments to those posted on Friday, February 26/10. I am guilty of being repetitive. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

In the event anyone is interested I started this blog as a journal of my thoughts on issues of the day, mostly political. I decided to share my journal online to see if anyone in cyberspace had comments on those issues, thinking I might find kindred spirits or others with contrary views that could be enlightening. For the most part I have enjoyed hearing from you. But in reality I do this blog for myself. I no longer have the zest to be a candidate or do the grunt work on an election team. But I still have a great interest in my city, province and country and its politics. I will continue with this blog and invite you to join me.


  1. ""The lady doth protest too much, methinks.""

  2. keep blogging, I enjoy reading your insights.


  3. Not being up on all the legalities of plagiarism, what is interesting to me is the fact that 2 people may have the same thought on a subject and because it gets written down on a blog people expound on the idea there is a plagiarist act. First how is anyone to know who "Tiny A" really is let alone if their thought came first. Wouldn't part of plagiarism mean one would have had to read the comment? I doubt those criticizing the Mistress have any proof that even happened. Not that it really matters because once again the critic is more interested in slamming the Mistress personally than the actual topic she is placing on the table.

    Personally I really don't care where the Mistress gets her stuff I am just glad she puts these thoughts down on this blog so we have an opportunity to share our view as well.

    Keep up the good work Mistress.

  4. To accuse the moderator of a blog of plagiarism is absurd to say the least!So get a life anon!!(ooops..think I plagiarized this statement)

  5. “I started this blog ... thinking I might find kindred spirits or others with contrary views that could be enlightening”

    Really? Since when has CivicMistress enlightened herself with alternate views?

    Was it when CivicMistress proclaimed that she outright refused to read any proposal put forth by those ideologically differing from her?

    Perhaps it was when she ran down Pat Lorje as having no political influence without substantiating this claim?

    Maybe it was when CivicMistress tried to organize donations for a lawsuit against a school board representative?

    Possibly it was when CivicMistress slammed the citizens of Saskatoon for wanting to exercise their democratic rights?

    Or could it have been when CivicMistress misrepresented her own voting record on council?

    With such a track record of all rhetoric with no original facts, it’s no wonder CivicMistress was accused of plagiarism.

  6. Anon, you are becoming quite boring. Your only contribution here is to chastise the mistress. i dont always agree with her but when i disagree ill do so in a constructive and mature manner...that is point out where i feel she is wrong and why andoffer my own view.
    i think we all know she is of a right leaning perspective but i also know her to support candidates of all political stripes if she feels that person is the best for the job. in fact, ive known her to support more then a couple NDP candidates in elections... Now,please quit boring us with your immature rhetoric and contribute some constructive thought...we'd love to hear it.

  7. Anon, I agree with PJ2 you are becoming quite boring. You claim she slammed Lorje without substantiating it? you do nothing but slam the Mistress without substantiating it. You claim she is against citizens exercising their democratic rights? Well then surely you must be against every protester who chastised Harper for exercising his democratic rights in proroguing earlier this year. When she tried to organize money for lawsuits? It was a tongue in cheek comment on an online blog, I don't think she actually meant to relay she was organizing a fundraiser. If she did though (and there is still time Mistress), I would be the first to donate money to see that scumbag Danielson pay for his comments.

    I could go on, but what is the point. You don't work on logic. You prefer to spread lies and hope people are too ignorant to realize.

    Keep it up Mistress, always an enjoyable read.

  8. 10.09, the previous commenter at 9.19 did substantiate their claims - by referring to CivicMistress' previous posts. Hardly unsubstantiated, I would say.

    I am amused how you chastise them for daring to chastise CivicMistress, and with her own posts, no less! And the bits about democratic rights is downright absurd. People have a democratic right to protest, just as the PM has a democratic right to do, well whatever it is he does.

    Perhaps you should examine your own logic before attacking others. After all, don't we criticize others for what we dislike about ourselves?

  9. The comments re: anon are not regarding his/her criticizing the mistress but rather the absurdity of the charge of plagiarism...its just simply petty. Anon who wrote that nonsense merely comes her to criticize and not contribute to the dialogue...and we are all bored with his /her rhetoric.


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