Monday, February 22, 2010

If governments had souls . .

they would be pitted with acts of commission and omission.

I read in today's SP that government sanctioned provincial lotteries are moving into the "once-underground" world of online gambling. The reason stated? It will lend credibility to the unregulated industry. The real reason: easy money.

I'm all for free will, but please spare me the hypocrisy of any 'positive' benefit of that which governments do regarding the so-called social vices.

In past, and today, governments publish all the ill effects of alcohol use and abuse. At the same time they do everything to encourage the consumption by ducking up their owned and operated stores, opening up distributorships and extending hours of sale. Why? Heavy tax on alcohol equals easy money. Don't get me wrong. I like browsing the stores and checking out the product and I'm okay with extending sale opportunities. Please just spare the caring and sharing concerns, both physically and socially, of the ill-effects of alcohol.

Governments tell us all the negative repercussions of tobacco use. Yet the governments control the sale, add on heavy taxes and bingo, easy money.

The last frontier will be use of narcotics. I am surprised they haven't tapped into the mega dollars laying at this roadside.

I think adults can do whatever they choose with their bodies and souls as long as their actions to do not negatively impact on others. And if governments want to capitalize on these vices with sin taxes, so be it. Just be straight about it.

My folly here is thinking that governments actually have souls.

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