Friday, February 5, 2010

Nettie pack your bags!

Nettie Wiebe has come very close a couple of times fulfilling her dream of a seat in parliament. I now suspect if she took her circus over to Saskatoon-Humbolt her dream might come true.

I went online ( last night and watched the whole video of Pankiw's press conference. My politest comment would be that old Jim looks a little "disturbed." My impolite comment is, in my opinion, he was absolutely wacko. However he does have his following and he will drain some vote - hell, he might win. I am reminded that I never once thought that the voters of Saskatoon-Humboldt would toss the bright and classy Georgette Sheridan for him, and I thought wrong.

In Saskatoon-Humboldt good ole Nettie might find herself walking up the centre of the road - and centre is not her comfort zone. And I am sick at the thought of maybe having to listen to Nettie Wiebe and Jack Layton sing a duet for years and years.


  1. Denise Kouri is the S'toon Humboldt NDP candidate. You are right, she has an excellent chance of winning Humboldt with Pankiw splitting the vote. Given the antiquated views of the present MP in this riding on gay rights etc.that will be a blessing!
    Nettie will once again be the candidate for Rosetown-Biggar riding.

  2. This is the state of our media hounds or should I say vultures. They will follow anything to make a buck. This shows you the difference between journalism and the paparazzi. I've seen less of a frenzy in Hatti for a piece of bread.

    As for Netti taking the bate to move to this riding I doubt she could get a foot in the door let alone sneak through a crack.

  3. Grizz, why such disdain for Nettie? I dare say, whether you like her or not, she has done a great deal in her community. I wonder if you have ever given as may 'volunteer' hours as she has?
    If you followed the news, you'd know that Denise has already won the nomination & that Nettie plans to stay in Rosetown Biggar.
    Had she decided to run in Humboldt shed likely win this time around as the conservative vote will be split with Pankiw if he runs here.
    Simply because you dislike her doesnt mean she has no chance of winning. Try showing just a bit of objectivity! We all tire of opinions based on personal feelings.

  4. I have just watched the video clip - describing Pankiw has an "absolute wacko" is an understatement!! He needs to be committed. How can he still practice his trade? And, does he still have custody of his children? Kudos to the one media person who walked out. They should have all left - and I hope they won't cover one thing he has to say in the future. This guy should never get on a ballot again.

  5. Anon 8:35
    Interesting view of both democracy and freedom of speech!

  6. You have to be dreaming or smoking something to think Denise Kouri is going to win or even come close.


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