Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Given the history of non-aboriginals making decisions for First Nations people, I don't fault First Nations communities for wanting control of their own destiny. Given the last several years of difficulty at FNUC, I can't fault governments for cutting funding. If the reports are accurate, the FSIN initial moves to finally correct the problems seems a little limp and fraught with lack of forethought.

It appears that all of the problems root to the board and administration of this institution. This institution has experienced probation by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and has been censured by the Canadian Association of University Teachers. Degrees coming from a post-secondary schools with these black marks lose their value. It is desperately unfair to the student body and alumni to allow this school to continue with its current status. (Yes I know that the parchment has the U of R name on it, but the studies come FNUC.)

The Keep It Simple Solution might be for governments to pledge retroactive payment if and when FNUC finally clears up the escalating issues surrounding it. If they clean it up and meet the standards of other universities in Canada, they get reimbursed. If not, it is their money they waste.

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  1. Mistress your idea that "it is their money they waste" is the total problem with this process. They only obtain about 1/4 of the money from other sources and many of these are even funded through Fed/Prov government grants. If this is such an important venue for First Nations than I agree have them fund it 100% they have all that gaming revenue available.

    I like the refund idea but then this makes it conditional funding not something the treaties spoke too. So what about just doing the audit every year and any money misappropriated sends those people to the gallows.

    Here is my problem with this whole situation:
    If education is a "right" under the treaties and we agree the treaties speak to equality, then why not develop a cost per student (based on our other universities in the province) that the feds would be responsible for. Any addition funds would come from the students pockets Just like id does for the rest of us. So give the money to the individual students not the University. Then if the operation isn't run efficiently they will be the ones complaining.

    It has been years that all these sanctions and condemnations have been going on and it wasn't until the tap was turned off that people started talking about making real change.

    I don't doubt the students believe they are getting a good education there but just think about the many more that could have if the money wasn't wasted like it was.

    All this said I don't see as much fervor or scrutiny on the UofS expenses? We barely even here about anything there until the students are made to pay more. Then there is an outcry. When was the last time anyone saw an audited report of that organization and all the perks their administration receive.


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