Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Was I in a coma

How in hell did councillors double their paychecks over three years without a comment from the press or public? Who knew? $48,000.00 - not bad pay for a part time job. Let's remember, none of these folks gave up paying day jobs to do this one. Add on the fact that one-third, $16,000.00, is tax free. They only pay tax on $32,000.00. Add on the fact they can contribute to a RRSP plan and the city matches their contribution - less tax and more income.

I don't buy the growth of the city as a reason for the double your money pay hike. If that were the rationale then the increase should be equal to the percentage growth of the city. Besides, when you pass a bylaw whether it affects 100,000 people or 200,000 people, the same amount of time goes into the work.

Councillors also get free parking at meters. This is a great perk. It does explain the nonchalance on the decision to jack up meter rates a few months back.

It makes me appreciate the frugal Neault even more for not dipping into the car, travel and training allowances (SP Feb. 9 /10). I guess we should appreciate they came in under budget last year on the car allowance. Oh wait, they increased the car allowance budget line since they came in over budget in the previous year. Neault and Clark did not take car allowance.

It certainly make me understand why city hall employees look for large increases. They work full time, some for less money than the part time councillors.

On the other, if you want to attract bright people to elected positions you have to be prepared to pay the freight. However, in this instance I think we are paying, with few exceptions, UPS rates for Canada Post parcel post service.


  1. Mistress - you credibility has reached that of "total joke". One only has to look back at the council minutes to quickly see that you were on council when they made the decision to hike wages to 45% of the mayor's salary instead of 25%. Perhaps you were in a coma when you were on council - perhaps that why you were promptly kicked out of office.

  2. Councillor salaries have been increasing around $3,000 per year for the past few years. The increases were put in place in order to bring them to 45% of the mayor's compensation. The mayor recieves 85% of what a Provincial cabinet Minister recieves.

    Looks like the policy was update in October 2005.

  3. hmm, recieves=receives

    sorry for the poor spelling!

  4. I was on council during the review. I refused to vote for an increase for the council I sat on. If the majority wanted it, my position was that it should be before the public during the election and put in place for a future council. I also stated that if the council of the day increased the pay during the term, I would refuse the increase.

    As well, there was to be a cap on the increase and the one-third tax free status was to be reconsidered.

    I did not draw any monies from the car allowance.

    At no time did I vote to double councillor salaries.

    Perhaps if council were careful in spending and more cautious about accumulating debt I would be inclined to pay them more.

    The next step should be to check salary increases for the MLAs and cabinet.

    I have to say good-bye. I have to go dig myself out of the city made snow bank in front of my home.

  5. So why is it that Mr or Mrs Anon.. always wants to criticize the Mistress for her record on Council but never takes the time to actually read what her position was on specific issues let alone understand it is majority decisions that rule on Council. It is obvious the bashing will continue as long as they hide behind the curtain.

    Mistress I know you can endure these unfounded rants from anon, but they really do an injustice to this blog. Maybe it is time to monitor those wanting to dialog here.
    Many great blogs require you to enter your email address prior to commenting. Something I and others would not have a problem with.

    As to the actual issue of the increases maybe people will become more demanding of their Councilors knowing the money they are making at this part time job.

    As to the snow job the city did on you I hope they didn't pile it up as much as they do when they try to explain the bad job they are doing at cleaning our streets.

  6. I cant understand why our media is so negligent in reporting these issues. Council is increasing its salary 3,000 per year for 3 years and our media doesnt consider that a story the public deserves to hear about! I think that council should be transparent and inform the public ...not be cowardly and couch it behind increases being tied to MLA's salaries. Do they really think they warrant those type of increases...Im disgusted!
    Grizz ,so what if anon criticizes Mistress...who gives a shit! Its a blog...expect it & suck it up! Monitoring the blog to ensure folks are accurate in their remarkds might mean very few are eligible for posting! Elaine is more then capable of handling criticism and doling it out too...

  7. Let's all just be thankful that they did not spend another $50,000 to send us all a mail out trying to deflect the blame to the Provincial government again.

    After all, like property taxes I'm sure all us minions would feel better to see that Councillors do not control their salaries, they are simply bound by the MLAs

  8. Be happy we dont get a mailer that doesnt blame the Provincial Govt & is Simply bound by the MLA's salary? Is that all you require for justification of a HUGE salary increase? You must be joking?
    Its this type of complacency that allows elected officials to circumvent any form of accountability and transparency with the electorate. Yet, my guess is you wouldnt be so nonchalant if our civic employees were to suggest they wanted even a fraction of the increase council has given itself. You can be asssured the media would be all over that story!

  9. PJ2, It was meant as a tongue in cheek comment, obviously I am not happy about the increase. Was just trying to make a little humour of the situation. My apologies, has this council also enacted laws against municipal jokes too? Eeek

  10. Hey Grizz, it looks like you should take a step back and consider your love for all thing Elaine...

    There is an article about the pay increase on the Star Pheonix site and, well, looks like the Mistress was only partially honest with her statements. She did indeed vote for a raise for herself, but she voted agaist the raise that would affect the next council (which was the bigger raise).


    It's good she did vote agaist the future raises, but yeah, her statements above are not entirely true...making her post seem like a bit of like a bitter, condesending rant and making those injustices to this blog seem reasonable.

  11. Two delicious ironies here:

    1) CivicMistress once again put forth spurious information that was, in fact, not true, when claiming "I refused to vote for an increase for the council I sat on." She did vote herself a raise in 2005, as reported on David Hutton's SP blog.

    2) Giving oneself a screen name that links to a blank profile makes TheGrizz's complaints about anonymous posters practically moot, as an anonymous profile still makes one an anonymous poster.

    Yours anonymously,



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