Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hit the Wall

I believe Brad Wall has the potential to be one of Saskatchewan's greatest premiers. Whether or not he realizes his potential is in question.

I think the public can accept last year's overly optimistic budget in light of the good times we were enjoying. I think the public can appreciate his government's zest and desire to keep their election promises. I think what the public will reject is a budget that negatively impacts on the neediest and/or most vulnerable of our society.

There are two things that the public values most - health and education. Floating the ideas of cuts to education that may hurt mainstream and special needs students is not going to be well received by families or teachers. Cuts to health programs that hurt seniors is a form of assisted political suicide.

During this period of budget recovery I hope the government will consider putting on hold mega spending in the form of a controversial art gallery, stadium or other nice, but not urgent, capital projects. Bricks and mortar projects will not trump loss of perceived needs.

The thought of our Premier hitting the brick wall and thus allowing the ghost of Lingenfelter to float through is frightening. I hope the party membership will hit Wall before he hits the wall.


  1. Well put Mistress.

  2. Smartest move was Wall to announce his loser record to the entire province.

  3. Mistress - I think you are quoting the same comments that were said about Devine in his first 18 months - and we all know how that ended!

  4. If Wall isnt politically astute enough to recognize cutting health care is political suicide then perhaps he isnt astute enough to run this province!

  5. Anon 7:01,

    I do not know you, but you seem unwilling to even give Wall a chance. Not sure why you equate every politician with a Conservative background as being corrupt, inherently evil and unfit to run a province.

    You're doing nothing but stereotyping people based on an individual trait. I would bet someone as keen of the history of this province also has build in stereotypes on First Nations, Ukrainians, the unemployed and several other easily identifiable groups.

    Why even come here? You clearly are a closed minded person unwilling to give anyone a chance due to one specific character trait.

  6. My goodness Anon 7:01, your above comment is too silly for words. I believe the other anon was merely stating the obvious. Devine started tampering with Saskatchewan's sacred crowns & he was dumped from office. And now Wall is attempting to cut funds to our other sacred care. I guess you are so sensitive to the corruption during Devines reign that you immediately assumed that was what anon was referring to.
    And by the way, Wall has had ample time to be given a chance....he is no longer a rookie! What mistakes he now makes no longer qualify as rookie errors!

  7. It is hard to view conservative governments in Saskatchewan as anything close to fiscally responsible. Devine started the trend and Wall continues it.

  8. Well if that if the actions of any previous politicians within the same spectrum of ideology are proof of what future ones will commit, god forbid we ever get another Liberal government. Last thing we need is another Sponsorship scandal.

    To the above anons, no matter what justification you use your bias rings through clear. You are not even willing to give a Conservative (non-NDP?) government the benefit of a chance.

  9. In addition, how could we ever trust an NDP leader at this point either considering they all cheat the rules in order to gain leadership.

    Doing whatever is necessary to get into power is a staple of NDP regimes

  10. We gave Wall the benefit of the doubt and we as voters are now paying for the second biggest deficit in the provinces history.

    I'm amazed that is the best you guys can come up but have fun explaining the record deficit in a booming economy!

  11. Clearly 'you guys' have no sense of economics, I suppose that is par for the course from a culture resistant to growth and change. It is rather easy to explain, but your post implies that you aren't willing to understand the big picture, preferring to spout ignorance. Enjoy life with your head buried in the sand.

  12. Yup, the Saskatchewan NDP brought Saskatchewan into being a have province with a booming economy and 2.3 billion dollars in the bank. Two short years later and Wall has put Saskatchewan into the provinces second biggest deficit during a booming economy.

  13. I really hope history is not repeating itself again. We had one PC government run us into the ground and I am really worried its starting again.
    Also I am getting tired of Wall's anti NDP campaign. What a waste of money.

    Its our Sask. Think before you vote.


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