Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to the future

Brad Wall's popularity stems from the fact that he is viewed as a nice guy. How do nice guys get dragged into the mire? They let themselves be dragged into the gutter by the 'no holds barred' streetfighters. Strength of leadership gives way to survival. Nice guys start putting up fences as a means of defence. The problem with fences is that you close out your friends as well as your enemies.

The legislative chamber has always been the hallowed hall of raucous debate, as it was intended to be, should be and for the benefit of the public. Today's legislative assembly provides no benefit to anyone, including the policitians that participate. Under the NDP leadership of Blakney, Romanow and Calvert debate occurred with opposition on issues and ideologies, whether or not those leaders formed government or sat in opposition. Election campaigns were fought on issues and ideologies.

Under the leadership of Lingenfelter politicial debate passed away and from the ashes rose vitrolic personal attacks. The governance of the province is sidelined in favour of the "win at all costs" election campaign that is being waged, the game plan being throw mud and hope something sticks. Issues and ideologies be damned. What the NDP, and the public, have to ask themselves is what kind of government they will have under such leadership if an election is won based on muddied waters and little vision.

I personally don't care whether or not a young Brad Wall played gofer to his minister twenty some years ago. Who at that age is going to challenge their boss on a trival matter. I'm tired of hearing about the decades old imfamous Grant Devine government. What I want to hear is the plan for the future - from both leaders.

If the argument is that the best indicator of future performance is past performance, then we should be checking on the past conduct of Lingenfelter as well. After decades in the legislature that closet must be over flowing with venial and mortal sins.

I hope Brad Wall looks ahead rather than over his shoulder and continues to lead this province towards prosperity. Lingenfelter will simply limp behind and prove that he is past his best before date.


  1. Well put Mistress

  2. I seem to recall the personal attacks started under Brad Wall when a Saskatchewan party MLA called Deb Higgins a "dumb bitch"

  3. I seem to remember Brad Wall prohibiting his government from the catcalls that made legislature what it is today.

    I suppose you have a point though, we may as well perpetuate the fighting no reason to take the high road at any point.

    Wall started it, so Lingefelter now has a right to continue acting like a child until he deems fit to stop? Good to see the mentality that is leading and fueling that party.

    Glad to have you a citizen of the province Anon 12:27

  4. Interesting to note catcalls continue on the government side and Wall performed his own catcalls.

  5. My question, does this mean, name calling character assassination behaviour displayed by our politicians occur in their private lives too or is this just theatrics?

  6. Certainly if you watch the PC video from the early 1990s you see the personal attacks were no issue for Kathy Young or Brad Wall.

  7. Personal attacks of the nature we see today (from both sides of the house) are unacceptable. They should have no place in politics from any politician. And they should have no place at work or in the home. But they do say something about the character of the person uttering the comment. So to that extent they give some information to voters.


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