Monday, May 17, 2010

Get the show on the road

I was taken aback on the FSIN's demanding stance for a moratorium the sale or lease of provincial lands pending their TLE settlements with the federal government (SP May 15/10). I might agree to a "first call" on lands, but not the attitude that the government should do nothing until the FSIN give them a green light.

When property comes up for sale or lease, offer it first to the FSIN. If they want that land they should enter into a legal agreement to purchase same, with payment due at the time of the TLE settlement and then be committed to taking that land at the price set. It can then be leased in the interim, but the lessee will know there is no opportunity to purchase down the road.

What I am unclear about is what is included in "First Nations traditional territory." Is it the whole of the province or just the lands originally granted under the old treaties? Wasn't it in BC that more land was claimed than existed?

Speak up now or forever hold your peace. At some point this saga has to end and I hope it has a happy ending for all concerned.

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