Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Made in Japan

I don't know whether this qualifies under "necessity being the mother of invention" but I recently received a blurb from a friend where in Japan a humanoid robot is performing marriage ceremonies. Seems to me this could solve the recent court hearing on discriminatory practices by marriage commissioners.

Hmm . . I wonder if the robot is programmed to check for shotguns or how it responds to that age-old question "if anyone hear knows of any reason why these two should not be wed, speak up now or forever hold your peace."

What next?

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  1. If you have been to many weddings lately it might as well be a robot performing the ceremony the way the clergypersons drone on?

    I don't really know why you need a ceremony anyway. Buy a licence, fill out a form both sign it, there you're married. While we are at it let's do the same for Divorce, buy a licence, fill out the form saying you have an agreement on property settlement, both sign done! Between the clergy and marriage commisioners makeing money on the front end and lawyers on the back end and the influence they both have over politicians don't look for a simple solution in this country any time soon!


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