Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer in the City

Ah, summer has arrived. Streets are ripped up, bridges close and the sport of dodging potholes is in full swing. I know this work can only be done during the summer months so I will lay back and let it happen.

What I can't be generous about is the City's position of shrugging off mosquito management and dutch elm disease. I know the province cut some funding, but somehow there are always funds available for massive projects in the city, counting into the tens of millions of dollars, but they can't come up with what is comparatively a paltry sum to do the things that are important to the daily lives and long-term benefit of all citizens. If parks are denuded of the urban forest and mosquitoes are at unbearable levels, no one is going out and about to enjoy the amenities of the city. After the fact, the city will blame the province. I won't matter at that point who is at fault because the damage will be done.

So enjoy the summer and long weekend while you can. We'll chat on Tuesday.


  1. I agree Mistress, the mosquitoes are already beginning to pop up. I was out for a walk on the edge of the city and was attacked by a swarm.

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. Hopefully, nobody is seriously affected by the governments incompetence whiched caused the cuts to dealing with mosquitoes.

  3. I agree, the Municipal government has been incompetent in their handling of the mosquitoes

  4. Getting back this weekend to Saskatchewan and Saskatoon was my first experience with the dreaded Mosquitoes. That being said I agree it is the city's responsibility to what is best for our citizens not the Province. The blame on this one can ONLY be placed on our local government not the Province. As for where the money can come from, take it out of Janice Mann's budget for tracking all those election expenses.

  5. The province cut the funding to allow the city to properly deal with the problem because they could not handle the finances of this province. Which is not shocking given some of the most conservative members of their party such as Wall, Heppner or Harrison have spent the majority of their adult receiving an income paid by taxpayers.


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