Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank God for fast forward

Has anyone caught the current SGEU ad running on the theme of leave our Saskatchewan as is? I thought the ad televised by the Sask Party last year was trashy, but this one beats it hands down. I don't know whether the script was professionally written or if the union scripted it, but the disrespect for the office of Premier is offensive. Whomever holds that elected office, whether you like them or not, should be addressed accordingly. Mr. Wall is in fact Premier Wall.

If the people in the ad are professional actors they would have been paid union scale for the gig. If that is the case I suggest the union got ripped off. If they are actual union members and they are the best the union has to offer, then we the public are getting ripped.

I think unions serve a purpose. But that purpose is not to hold back the growth and development of the province. The government is elected to serve the whole of the community. The union is selected to serve its membership only. And serve it they do. The best example is the SGI employee who provided home addresses to the Teamsters Union as part of a recruitment process and simply got a reprimand and transfer for that wrong-doing. Had that person been from the non-unionized sector the union would have been calling for a head.

Change is sometimes hard, but usually necessary in order to serve progress. Why any group would want to remain in a time warp is beyond me.

I wish the political parties and union would get rid of the cheesy, misleading ads and be honest with the public. But I guess, in politics, honesty is no longer a virtue.

I think we, the voting public, deserve better.


  1. I don't know disrespect deserves disrespect. When you allow an MLA of your own party to remain with little to no punishment after calling another MLA a "dumb bitch" you get what you allow.

  2. If anything both parties have been completely ridiculous in legislature and their comments outside of it. So on this premise no one in opposition or government deserves respect and is fair game to being attacked in a disrespectful way. Further you supporting this suggestion means that you too would support being attacked personally in a disrespctful way, after all if you condone it on someone else you condone it on yourself.

    Stupid comment Anon above

  3. Not being called Premier is far from the insult that being called a "dumb bitch" is.

  4. I suppose that is all a matter of opinion. Referencing a personal opinion on someone is a lot different than showing a blatant disrespect for someone's job

  5. You complain that a commercial is "misleading" yet you can't even get your facts straight. No SGI employee was involved in the info leak.

    And why is it inappropriate for someone to leak info to the Teamsters (which I agree it is) but Impark and other parking lot owners (well connected to the Sask Party) have no problem getting access to SGI's database?

    "Change is sometimes hard, but usually necessary in order to serve progress. Why any group would want to remain in a time warp is beyond me."

    And change just for the sake of change is usually a dumb idea.

  6. Your implication on Impark Ghostryder is ironic in that you called the Mistress out for misleading information, yet you are attempting to mislead. Impark was granted that permission under the NDP regime and have been doing so for a number of years. So to imply that they are well connected to the SaskParty and that is why they get the information is misleading.

    Perhaps you should read the fine language on their signs and tickets when you park in their lots. You are agreeing by parking in their lot releasing your information to them for enforcement purposes. Last I recall the story made no mention of any employees giving permission to release their info to the Teamsters,

    You union folk are hilarious, a union resorts to thug tactics including recording peoples license plates and then using an inside source to illegally obtain personal information and all you can do is try to spin it against the SaskParty. Good gosh, and you wonder why people have such a poor attitude towards unions.

  7. I can recall the Saskatchewan party obtaining confidential police documents illegally.

  8. Why is the thread turning into a look at what the SaskParty did theme, why can't anyone on the left just discuss a topic that may not be the most positive one to their party?

    The right is often the one chimed for playing political tactics, but the left is really showing a tremendous amount lately

  9. When discussing disrespect I think you have to look at the reason it began. It began with the Saksatchewan party who knew its record of massive deficits is a poor one and unsellable so it began negative attack ads.


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