Monday, May 31, 2010

Hat trick!

Politically, hat tricks happen as often a cosmic cataclysms. When three levels of government all lined up to spend our tax dollars to the benefit of taxpayers I was euphoric. I speak of the sod turning for the South Bridge. Aside from access to all corners of the city and making semi-Circle Drive actually Circle Drive, there will be money saved on repairing and maintaining city roadways that were never designed or built for heavy traffic they currently carry. Pressure will be lessened on the inner city bridges and hopefully extend those lifespans.

I toss in my old hat in support of a job well done.


  1. While I agree that the completion of the south bridge is a step forward - I take issue with Atch flying home from a conference for a few hours from Toronto and then going back the same day. One other the other city councillors could have easily stepped into his place for the photo op at the sod turning. Instead the taxpayers have to pay for Atch's arrogance and extravagance so he can get his picture taken. No wonder Atch refuses to disclose his travel expenses.

  2. Wow someone bitching about Aches Photo ops. Here 's a guy that has always made sure he is were the action is. I have seen Atch at various events on the same day it didn't surprise me that he made it back for one of the most important sod turnings our city has ever seen. Now if this was for something as trivial as that Elephant rider he took I would be upset. Now the better question is did he really need to be at the conference in Toronto?? I don't have the answer but if anon 6:30 wants to take that one on get at it.

  3. Considering Saskatoon's standing in the national community I doubt Atch really needed to be in Toronto, however, that being said it is nice to be represented if we truly want to become known as a progressive and important city.

    I do agree with Anon 6:30 on the photo op though. This was a completely ridiculous thing for the Atch to do. Our city is already broke (ie. can't afford to spray for the squitos that will soon be hatching, can't afford snow removal, can't repair the city potholes, need I go on?) and now we see city officials 'wasting' tax dollars on a pointless flight.

    There are deputy mayors for this exact reason, to be the ceremonial mayor when the mayor is away or unavailable. Why could the current deputy mayor not have been there instead.

    I won't even get into the environmental side of flying home for photo op before flying right back out.

    Plain and simple, we the taxpayers footed the bill so that Atch could have his photo taken with Brad Wall and other officials, this was all about his EGO.

    Shame on Atch

  4. It's the same reason why he cancels regularly scheduled Council meetings when he is unable to attend - he can't stand not being the centre of attention.

  5. Wasn't the Atch complaining the city was in financial dire straits when they did not receive the provincial funds that were supposed to come.

    Apparently he managed enough money to fly his fat ass across the country for no particular reason other than mug it up for some publicity. What a joke of a mayor.

  6. Even more Ironic (maybe Moronic?) was that he using our taxpayer dollars to fly back to TO to join the other municpal mayors at the trough begging for more Federal cash.

    I mean, ya Atchinson your actions sure make the municipal governments look fiscally responsible. You want more money for your vanity?


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