Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Mayor's gone mahout . . .

and I thought riding the political circus elephant was my job while he played ringmaster under the big top. I admit Atch's elephant looks a little more upscale than mine and I may be exhibiting a little jealousy here. But I enjoy the beast - both of them.

And while the Shriner's are hosting their circus, someone in the city is creating a circus of their own. I speak of the bumper stickers (SP May 22/10) scattered around the downtown. I might agree that some are borderline innuendo comments, but for the most part they are satirical. I hope the city police will not be allocating all of their resources to tracking down the dastardly disturbers of decency and will spend a little time on the gun runners, dope dealers, burglars, car thieves, rapists, bank robbers, assaulters . . . . .

And here come the clowns.

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