Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take the bait

Whether or not I have agreed with a position I have always admired groups who have felt so strongly about a cause that they are willing to get off their butts to fund it themselves rather than simply relying on tax dollars. In today's SP (May 12/10) on page A6 there is a substantial ad by the Station 20 group soliciting donations for their cause. On A3 is an article wherein Riversdale BID director Randy Pshebylo and Councillor Lorje raise their concerns about the concentration of social organizations in the Riversdale area. If the BID director and ward councillor want a moratorium on social organizations in Riversdale then the Station 20 group are spinning their wheels.

The Station 2o group can argue that they are simply doing what is suggested - consolidating social services. But these are the same folks that promote consultation prior to action, especially when governments are involved. Are the other social organizations willing to shut down and group together with Station 20? Based on some comments in this article, I think not. This scenario defines "juxtaposition."

I understand Pshebylo's position - he wants his business area to grow and thrive. Lorje wants her ward rejuvenate and thrive. The poor, homeless and socially ill do not promote the goal of thriving area.

Are we really talking about 'give a man a fish' vis-a-vis 'teach a man to fish'? Either way, the fish is hooked.


  1. Really more Station 20 still? Won't these people give up. I beginning to think with the people behind the cause it should be called Station 4/20.

  2. It's alive and well, albeit it in a reduced size. To date they have raised a few million in donations and loans but are still short of their goal.

    Last time I checked there was still a need for a grocery store in the area.

  3. So why not build a grocery store in the area? Why spend the additional money on attempting to consolidate multiple services in the building, granted some that would like to move and as well some that would not like to be moved?

    Are those shiny new Quint offices still part of the proposal?


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