Thursday, May 27, 2010

Private parts

I'm perplexed on the issues of privacy that have arisen lately. When the company that had the contract to destroy records inadvertently lost some and they were found blowing around the streets of Regina, the finder of the records ran them over to his NDP MLA to report the treasure. It somehow played out that the big, bad government did this wrongful deed and should be hung for the offense.

The city has now had its knuckles rapped for providing customer information to another arm of government (SP May 27/10.) Expect more personal questions on your next tax return or census report.

Yet everyday I read Facebook pages and see subscribers volunteer every iota of information about themselves. People post their birth dates and place of birth, eye and hair color, marital status, employment status, photos, contact information - everything except their SIN numbers. For an identity thief, this is the virtual Garden of Eden. Some will even tell you when they are vacating their residence in case you are into burglary.

Thanks to cyberspace, hackers can get into your bank accounts and rob you blind. Nothing is sacred in this day and age. Transparency and disclosure are biblical words in this global world.

I guess information release all boils down to the 'how and why' rather than 'what.'

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  1. Mistress you hit it out of the park. People these days share information more freely however they only like it if they are doing the sharing. As a victim of privacy theft, it wasn't that they had my info but more of a question of where did they get it from. There only source had to be SGI although I never followed up on it, I may now. Given the recent issue regarding unions gathering info through that source. It's like going to the doctor's office you don't expect those in the office to tell everyone your private information although you have to suspect to some degree they do. It kind of makes you want to curl up under a rock and hide. Oh wait that's what my Facebook status says.


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