Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Put them out to pasture

It is evident that the NDP are truly in need of fresh, new members. Many of those sitting today are so long in the tooth they can only run a campaign on one thing - the infamous Grant Devine government. I haven't heard one new or creative thing come from the NDP since they formed the opposition. Just bitch, bitch, bitch - and practise retro politics.

In Mandryk's column today (SP May 18/10) he assists in drawing lines (with hooks) between Wall's government and 25-year-old incidents. The pilot project to build greatly needed innovative new care home now seems to have an insidious motive. The expose of Michael Stensrud as a donor to the Sask Party and appointee to the Saskatoon Health Region failed to mention the Stensrud Family's long history in building and supporting care/nursing homes. My late father was a resident at Stensrud Lodge and I did not fail to note the generosity of the Stensruds when the expansion was done a few years ago, prior to the Sask Party forming government.

The Catholic Health Ministry has a history of involvement with health care in the province stemming back to the turn of the last century, starting with the Grey Nuns and St. Paul's Hospital in this city. Check the yellow page for the list of Catholic sponsored care homes in this city. Would it surprise anyone that they would take a leadership role in this project?

The Donlevy Family has a couple of generations to boast of their involvement with Catholic health care in the province and city. It was not reported that lawyer Donlevy has represented the Catholic Health Ministry both in his capacity as a lawyer and volunteer for years, as did generations of his family. Just that he has a brother that works for government.

I am thankful that someone is taking the lead to fulfill the great need for these care facilities. Ask anyone with an ailing and aging family member who is wait-listed for such a facility and they won't give a damn about a connect the dots parallel - just build the facilities. Right now we have many of our seniors languishing in high cost hospital beds waiting for placement in such a care home where their needs will be met. Getting them out of hospital and into an appropriate care facility will add to their quality of life and save taxpayers millions of dollars.

And since Lingenfelter and Atkinson didn't do much to address this need when they were in government they should be pleased that a young Wall is doing what they should have done when they had the chance. Both will soon be lined up with application in hand.


  1. ahhhh....knowing Lingenfelter he'll flee to Alberta after he defeated. He's not in Sask for the long haul.

  2. "Just bitch, bitch, bitch - and practise retro politics."

    Much like this blog.

  3. Gee whiz - I always thought retro was gleaning from the past not looking to the future. I'm just tired of hearing about Tommy and Grant.

    Good news. You don't have to pay me to bitch. I do it for free!

  4. Yeah, nothing like giving a contract to a party supporter.

  5. Yeah, nothing like scamming your own party with fake nominations to buy the leadership.

  6. "Good news. You don't have to pay me to bitch. I do it for free!"

    Hah! Touche!

  7. Yeah, too bad the RCMP said it was one individual and one individual alone. Yeah, too bad Wall had no issue taking booze from taxpayers to give to Devine cabinet Ministers,

  8. QUIT IT!!! These silly back and forth unproductive comments, are part of the problem. Civic mistress raises some valid points. The Stenruds and Donlevy(s) and the Catholic church has a long history in health care - that is relevant; and the debate should be around the "deal" and it's fairness, not fake nominations or booze issues, both of which get us nowhere. Please let's take it up a dozen levels!

  9. Yet giving a contract to individuals who have donated thousands of dollars to the Saskatchewan party raises fair questions.

  10. Giving a contract to individuals who donate, is not in itself an issue. The issue is, is the contract needed and fair or is it a "sweetheart" deal.

    Unions donate to the NDP, does that mean the NDP should not oppose Bill 80? If someone donates to the NDP, does that mean they should never get a job or contract with the NDP?

    Let's not confuse the real issue with cheap political shots, whether it is fake membership or otherwise. It is about the fairness of the deal and whether it makes sense.

    To refuse to debate at a substantive level but just reiterating a line, does a disservice to the public. If you can't defend or oppose something on the "merits" but need to resort to "shots" then your position will only be dismissed and we never get down to the real issues.

  11. It does raise concerns that a contract was given to a Saskatchewan party supporter without any other bids.


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