Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've got the clap . . .

. . . a round of applause for council for finally being reasonable on the sale of Parcel Y (SP May 26/10.) I expect this will not be a unanimous vote on June 14. The lefties will no doubt expound on this being a give-a-away and short changing the taxpayers - although they have no one to step up and pay more. Nothing is worth more than someone is willing to pay for it. I suggest that when you factor in the lost tax revenue for every year this land sits unused, that over the next decade the taxpayer will benefit from this decision. Better yet, maybe this sale can help pay for the $8 million dollar over-expenditure on the 25th Street extension.

So, what is happening with the parcel of land designated for the live/work eco-village space? Perhaps council will make a few extra bucks on this as well, if it ever gets kick started. Has this property been put up for sale yet?

Let the shovel hit the . . whatever.


  1. When I saw the price tag I thought finally someone has been sensible. Your right that we need to get things moving on this site. I don't know if all will vote for it but I would place bets Charlie C will be going full bore on how this is a mistake although I won't understand it because isn't it exactly the type of project he was looking for... more density of housing instead of urban sprawl. But hey when your aginna your aginna to the end.

  2. yet, they don't have their financing in place yet...everyone keep holding your breathe...

  3. How dare "lefties" stand up for the taxpayer.

  4. does not matter what you sell it for lake placid still has to finance everything else and saskatoon has been waiting three years for that to happen

    we will be seeing this go out for an rfp again before the end of the year - just like the lefties want

  5. Not sure why it would be the lefties wanting it to go out as and RFP. Their main objective is to have it turned back to city hands and build some monument to the "GODS" and we all know who will be paying that bill!! Had we just left this land to the developers to build what they left this would have been completed and taxes being paid. This is why Governments at all levels should stay out of the development business. Too many cooks spoil the supper.


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