Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go Johnny Go!

This is not just an old rock hit, its John Melenchuk looking for his day in court. On page A4 to today's SP (May 11/10) is a report on the late and/or no filers under the city's election disclosure bylaw. I think Johnny may be surprised when he finds that judges don't take kindly to grandstanding in their courtrooms. Nor are judges interested in old grievances. They simply adjudicate the present case before them. However, this may be interesting because it could be that a judge will point to any flaws in the bylaw itself.

Did the late filers pay the penalty fine for their tardiness? If any of us are late paying taxes or parking tickets, late payment charges are not forgiven. Doreen Day Wapass said she was so totally submerged in employment she forgot to file. Hmmm . . did the city clerk not send a reminder letter? I know she did this kindly act in 2006. Regardless, the Disclosure Bylaw is part of the candidate's package and the onus is on the candidate to comply.

This case could rock and Johnny might roll.

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  1. I never have believed there to be any teeth in this monster. Although Johnny is fighting another battle I might just take up his cause and give him support. I'm not a lawyer but this thing stinks in it's attempt to accomplish something only special interest groups are interested in. There are so many loop holes in the bylaw which has become very evident that it isn't stopping anyone from skirting the law. All I can say is Go Johnny Go Go, GO Johnny Go GO, Johnny Be Good!


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