Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The dead and the dying

The legislature has become a war zone for politicians with snipers tucked away in every nook and cranny. The NDP are led by a master sniper. When allegations of wrong-doing are made against an elected member, that person's political career is over - whether they are guilty or not. Once the seed is planted it can't be weeded out of the voter's mind. LeClerc is a prime example. We don't know whether he is guilty and we will probably never know, but we do know his political career is over.

Minister McMorris is now a sniper's target, but one of his own making. If he isn't eventually bounced for misleading the legislature, he should be bounced for stupidity. Why would anyone make statements that can be so easily challenged? The easy resolution to the privacy issue regarding hospital foundations accessing patient information is to include a simple question on the hospital admission form: Do you consent to having your name released. Yes or no.

Our MLAs have signed up for combat duty and, save for those who have lived a monastic lifestyle, know they may catch a political bullet. They've created the battlefield and use their mouths like machine guns. But I draw the line when they drag "civilians" into the line of fire.

For the NDP to put the Children's Hospital Foundation in the crossfire in order to fire off a round hoping to catch a victim in the scatter is despicable. When prospective donors hear the a project is cancelled they quit donating. It is the drops that fill the buckets - those being the small donations that trickle in from the average citizen. It may be that the NDP have turned off that tap.

Our Geneva Convention and tribunal for political war crimes is next year's election. I hope we all remember this conduct when casting our ballots.


  1. The sod turning was 2 years ago. 2 YEARS. How many years should we wait before the project is considered canceled? Just curious. I'm guessing we might find out with the whole south downtown project.. that project hasn't been canceled for over 25 years now.

  2. When the funds which were directed towards the hospital are cancelled or delayed than it is fair to say the funds have been cancelled for the hospital.

  3. The funds have been delayed in the past budget or two now. It's said because the health region can't come up with a location of where to build it but a cynic would say its because the money isn't there and we can't even really fund the 3 hospitals we have now.

    So while Elaine might be angry at the NDP, I say good on them. How many more years do we need to 'study' a children's hospital? It either is medically and socially necessary or not. And it can either be funded or it can't. But you can't put it into limbo for years and years without people starting to suspect that there is a political problem behind it. To do otherwise is to stick your head in the sand.

  4. Watching and hearing about the antics of our elected representatives in the legislature ON BOTH SIDE OF THE HOUSE it is little wonder that non aligned voter when faced with a choice doesn't vote. We worry about low voter turn out, this is the reason for it and I'm not sure it isn't planned that way disenfranchise the undecideds and the party commited can scrap it out and democracy withers and we have elected people who really don't represent the people.

  5. funny thing i remember when the funds for station 20 were cancelled many of these same people defending the ndp did not take a 'funds are delayed/cancelled project is dead stance'. rather i still receive the odd mail out from the lunatics who think the station 20 dream is alive.

    just another example of the hypocrisy, i would love to see the reaction on for those defending the ndp above if the sask party had sent a mail out announcing the death of station 20 soon after the funds were cancelled. well stoonguy?

  6. Station 20 was cancelled by Wall....

  7. Anon 5:52 - where the heck have you been?

    "just another example of the hypocrisy, i would love to see the reaction on for those defending the ndp above if the sask party had sent a mail out announcing the death of station 20 soon after the funds were cancelled. well stoonguy?"

    Station 20 was cancelled after the last election - by the Saskatchewan Party Government.

  8. Station 20 West is still alive, albeit in a scaled down version.

  9. Personally, I believe that the best thing that could happen for our province is cancelling the Children's Hospital. I don't understand why we are diverting finacial and personnel resources away from other ares of health care for what is essentially a vanity project. Why can't we just dedicate an area of an existing hospital to children and populate it with the personnel required? We already can't use all the beds anyway because of costs and staffing issues.Instead, those at the Children's Hospital insist on a full building in a province with just over 1 million people.

  10. I have never suggested that we need to build a new hospital. I beleive the plan was to incorporate a Children's Hospital within the existing infrastructure and incorporate the necessary pediatric specalities into one unit.

    My empathy is for those folks who have worked long and hard to raise monies for equipment etc. for this unit for the benefit of sick children of Saskatchewan.


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