Monday, May 10, 2010

Ticket to ride, part II

Saskatoon Transit added bike racks to buses to accommodate cyclists who might want to bike one way and then bus it home. Saturday's SP (May 8/10) ran an article on problems with baby strollers on buses. Although the report said more about bad manners then anything else, it seems this problem has a quick fix. Strollers, like bikes, are wheeled vehicles.

I was particularly taken with the bus driver's response. He wasn't getting involved. I thought all public venues had postings that verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Maybe that's pertains just to verbal abuse of civic employees and not users of public amenities. I wonder if that driver would have become involved if the altercation had been physical rather than verbal. See no evil, hear no evil . . . just keep on truckin'.

If public transportation is to become viable and self-sustaining, then it must be efficient, economical and convenient. To date it is losing on all counts.

Where are my car keys?

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